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Easiest and Fastest Ways to Sell Your House

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Did you ever wonder why some houses are selling faster than others? Chances are, it's because there was a selling strategy for the owners! You can flip the odds in your favor with the correct action plan to beat out the competition.

If you want to sell your house fast you need to follow these simple guidelines.

Start Cleaning

There are two great ways to clean and depersonalize a house to ensure your home is at its best, and will appeal to the maximum number of buyers. You only need one to buy your home, and you only need two to create a multiple offer situation.

Always make sure you clean everything and get rid of all the excess stuff that has accumulated in every single corner because small details you no longer notice will stand out to potential buyers.

Improve the Appearance

  • Outside the house (Curb Appeal)

For the drive-by home shopper, first impressions matter, if your yard looks a little worse for wear, they will probably keep on driving without giving a chance to your house. It is important to improve your curb appeal.

  1. Landscaping - Weed your front lawn and exposed patches for repair. In your flower beds, prune all your shrubs and plants, pull out those stubborn weeds and cover the dirt with fresh bark.

  2. Fence and Sheds - If you have a fence, replace any broken panels. Consider re-painting or staining the fence if it needs it.

  • Inside the house (Staging)

Staging is the art of making your house's interior attractive to potential buyers. If your house is not clean and clutter-free, it will be much more difficult to sell it quickly.

  1. Decluttering -Clean, orderly spaces look bigger. This is an excellent chance to have a garage sale when you sell your home. You can get rid of things that you don't need to take up space and make some money for yourself. Finally, you'll have less stuff to move, possibly by using a smaller moving van.

  2. Airy and light - Wall mirrors make it look a lot larger and lighter in a room. Consider also placing some lights, ensure that in any dark corners, you have lamps particularly in smaller rooms. Clean the interior windows and replace any broken light bulbs. Making the place feel light and airy makes the rooms feel larger and more attractive to the property.

  3. Right smell - For prospective buyers, bad smells are the biggest turn off. Don't just try to hide them, fix the source of the smell. Clear drains, air the kitchen smells of old cooking, and wash basins.

  4. Wall color - A new paint job is a relatively affordable way to enhance your home 's appearance. Choose neutral, light colors for interiors, as that will appeal to most people. People don't like dark , gloomy places. Go for a bright, cheerful vibe.

  5. Improve kitchen - The most valuable room in the house is the kitchen. It's worth the most and can make the difference when buyers are unsure. Upgrade your cabinets by repainting and choosing the right color, backsplash and countertops by changing the tiles.

  6. Improve bathroom - you need to update all light and sink fixtures, also try to put some wall mirror to add touch to the bathroom.

Right price

Set an accurate price to put on the lower side-not the higher side-in your listing. The higher the price of a house, the longer it normally stays on the market. And if the price is cut, buyers start thinking that if the house hasn't sold quickly, something is wrong with the house.

Adding Incentives

When you already suspect your home is going to be a tough sale, consider offering incentives to potential buyers to improve the chances of a sale due to some unusual aspect of the neighborhood, house, or because you have to sell in a slow market. Incentives include by offering a repair or improvement, offering also appliances and paying closing cost for the buyer.

Modern technology

Today, the internet is the driving force behind home sales, and if you want to sell your home easily, you should keep that in mind. Thus, it will be easier to use modern technology and attract potential buyers to explore buying it.

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