We are a Real Estate Solutions company, based out of London, Ontario.

A little about us


519housebuyer is a team of Real Estate Investors. We are based out of London Ontario and we buy houses in the city and across Southwestern Ontario.


We are not Real Estate agents as our approach is different from the traditional buying and selling process. We are investors based out of London, Ontario that offer commission-free service and purchase your house at fair market value. 


There are many reasons why it may become necessary for you to sell your house including relocating, foreclosure, unwanted inherited property, and divorce to name a few - we offer a straightforward and simple process for purchasing your home. Our number one goal is to provide you with a no-hassle positive experience and since we do not charge any commission, you will receive the maximum value for your home. This means extra cash in your pocket.


Contact us today to consider your options with 519housebuyer as we are your full-service Real Estate alternative. We guarantee a fair and competitive price for your home.

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100 Kellogg Lane | London, ON, N5W3T8 | info@519housebuyer.ca | tel: 519-870-1596