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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive:


Who is 519 House Buyer?

We are a group of local Real Estate Investors who purchase properties in London, Ontario and the surrounding area. 


How fast can you close?

We can close in as little as 3-5 days.

Do you make cash offers?


What types of properties do you purchase? 

We will purchase any property, whether it is single-family, semi-detached, multi-family or a condo. There isn't any property we won't look at it!

Why do you buy houses?

We love investing in Real Estate & the Forest City. By purchasing properties directly from the owner, we not only pursue our passion for Real Estate, but also directly help homeowners with their transition to the next chapter in their life.

What will you do with my property after it's sold?

Our intention on what we do with the property varies from flipping it, holding it to place tenants, or assigning the property contract to one of our partners.

How fast can I receive an offer? 

We typically advertise that you will receive an offer within the first 24 hours of contacting us, but 99% of the time we will provide you with a firm, cash offer a few hours after our initial interaction.

Are you a Realtor?

No - we are not Realtors. We do, however, work with Realtors to assist with every transaction. 

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