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How It Works

Sell your house with no hassle, stress-free, quick and simple

We are private home buyers and not realtors so our commission-free service allows you to quickly and easily sell your home without multiple showings. No repairs, no cleanup and flexible terms and conditions. We go above and beyond to make sure we exceed your expectations.


New to selling privately? Learn how our simple process works below.

Step 1

Contact us

Book a 30-minute appointment with us or send us a message to let us know you’re interested in selling your home.

Step 2

We'll Follow Up

We’ll give you a call to discuss your home, your needs, and how we can help with the sale of your home. This helps us assess if we would be a good fit and from there where will arrange a home evaluation.

Step 3

Home Evaluation

We will personally view and assess your home. From there, we’ll provide you with a fair market offer based on our inspection.

Step 4

Sell Your House

If you’re happy with our offer, both parties sign the agreement and our lawyers will proceed with closing. 

Ready to sell to your house?

Contact us to get started on selling your home!

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQ page to get some more information or send us a message.

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