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Selling your house online

A complete guide about Selling Your House Online

Nowadays, selling your house online is the best idea to find ideal buyers. Today, 90% of house buyers search online for their new home. In this complete guide, we will discuss in detail about different techniques to hunt ideal buyers online as well as discuss some top points for selling your house online.

Here is a complete step by step guide for selling your house online.

Selling your house online with a Real Estate Agent

When you are selling your house online with the help of a Real Estate agent, you should know about the MLS and your house should be listed on MLS. MLS (multiple listing services) is an online service that Real Estate agents use to share various information about properties with other Realtors. With the MLS brokers share photos and other details of houses. Only a registered Real Estate agent can share pictures and knowledge of a home on a local listing service. MLS verifies that all the information is accurate and up-to-date. The realtors who represent the house sellers post photos and details of a house on MLS and the other realtors representing house buyers find pictures and details of a home for their clients on MLS.

Many websites are available that list your house on MLS. Some of these are free, and others charge you a fee for listing. Different sites have different packages for online listings. Some websites charge you 1%-1.5% of the final sale price of your house and, some websites give you a full service, in which you negotiate a commission plan with their agent, and they will take over the whole procedure. Always sign a contract with the agent because some websites only list your house online and then don't promote it to get an ideal buyer.

Selling your house online without a Real Estate Broker

When you are selling your house without the help of any Real Estate Broker, it's called FSBO (for sale by owner). In FSBO, you manage online marketing and all other things by yourself to sell your house online. A report said that 10%-15% of sellers successfully sell their homes online by themselves. There are many FSBO specific websites where you can post pictures and details of your house and get an ideal buyer. Social media marketing is also helpful in getting the best clients. Some of FSBO specific websites are free, and some of them charge a fee for their services. Keep in mind that when you are selling your home online without a Realtor, you still require a commission fee that goes to the buyer's Real Estate Broker.

You can also use MLS without the help of any Broker. You can enlist your data to the local MLS of your area. Many services are available that will charge you a fee to list your house on the MLS. It would be best if you created an attractive list that tells the whole story of your home and provides the best photos of your house to engage buyers.

Why selling your house online?

Today everyone is on the internet, and people buy things online. That's why selling a home online is a smooth and sleek way to get in the front of a vast pool of ideal buyers who are regularly searching for houses on the internet. Selling home online has many benefits. Selling online is a low cost, fixed commission, or commission upon completion. The level of service is high because the seller is handling all the things on his own. In online home selling, you target a massive number of buyers via social media marketing and other digital marketing strategies. Selling online is an excellent thing for sellers who cares about their money as well as their time. In this procedure, you can negotiate directly with the buyer.

Sell homes online is a natural approach to selling and also cost-effective for the seller. The seller needs to enlist in a local MLS or other listings sites with a little amount of money. A report says that 75%-80% of house buyers buy online.

How to advertise your house online?

It's easy to promote your home online. You can use the power of Digital Marketing to catch potential buyers. There are two main strategies to get buyers.

  • MLS strategy

  • Digital Marketing strategy

MLS strategy

You can enlist your home on different online platforms and services, and there is no problem in listing your house online on several platforms. The more the platform you are registered, the more the buyers will approach you. Write a captivating description that tells the story of your house and always mentions the top-selling point of your homes like updated windows and bathrooms. Don't forget to post eye-catching pictures of your house.

Digital Marketing strategy

First of all, create a website it will cover your complete digital marketing attempts. Nowadays, it's effortless to create a website. You can also use web 2.0 for creating a website. It would be best if you chose a proper domain name for your website, and then choose a hosting. Most people go with WordPress because it is easy to use and has many plugins to customize. There are also many templates in WordPress, so you don't need to hire someone for coding. With a website, it is straightforward for you to contact with your potential buyers, you can also allow them to submit their documents and pay online.

What information should include selling your house online?

Add all the information about your home to help your buyer make an idea about your houses like property size, upgrades, rooms, and the price. Make sure to include beautiful photos of your home. As you know, pictures always attract people. And never forget to share your contact information so that your buyers can easily reach out to you.

Power of Social Media

Social Media is a potent tool for selling your house online. You can easily advertise on social media and engage people easily. The best sturdy social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. For example, Facebook allows you to make business pages for your home, where you can share all the information about your house. Facebook pages are like communities. You can also share your property's information in other property-related groups. For more advertising, you can use paid advertising from Google or Facebook. This advertising is cheap and, promote your house anywhere you want. Another way of advertising is to use property-related keywords to give you organic traffic without any payment.

Make photos and videos

When someone is searching for a house online, photos are the first things that attract him. We can say that photos are the backbone of any property listing. That's why don't just take pictures by using your smartphone. Invest some money on images (hire a photographer), and create some high-quality photos of your house. You can use these photos on social media like Instagram and Pinterest. Make a short video of your home that shows your home entirely. It saves time and money because some house buyers want a little tour of the house to see the house in person. That's why make a high-quality video of your home and share it on your Website, Facebook, and YouTube.

Top points for selling your house

Once you have done all the marketing and social media things, don't forget these useful points for selling your home.

· Put all the unnecessary material in a storage and remove massive furniture with small furniture to make some space.

· Upgrade your house walls with neutral paint; this will give your house a new look. Also, provide a bright colored tint to the front door of your home, it will create an excellent first impression.

· Fix all the necessary things like a broken mirror, broken doorknobs, broken tiles, holes in walls, and torn carpets.

· Clean the garden of your house by cutting bushes and grass. It will not increase the value of your home, but it improves the visualizations.

· Update the kitchen of your house because the kitchen is the essential room in any home. Install new kitchen cabinets and remove all bulky appliances. Fix all the plumbing issues and paint white goods.

· Replace all the broken bulbs, and make sure that you have installed lamps in all dark places. Clean all the windows inside and outside.

· If a buyer visits your house in a cold evening, make sure to light up your fire. Burn some pinecones for inviting smell. If there is no fire, then make the fireplace must be clean.


In this complete guide about selling your house online, we learn that selling online is quite comfortable. Selling online is also a cheap method to find potential buyers. With the help of digital marketing, you can engage more buyers. With local listings, it is elementary to enlist in the local area. Selling online is a diverse platform, you can sell your house with the help of a realtor as well as without the help of a realtor.


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