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Inheriting an unwanted property?

When a family needs to move to a senior home you may be put in a position to make the difficult decision to sell their house. If a family member passes away, the many financial and personal decisions are overwhelming and it adds additional stress to the grieving process. Inheriting an unwanted property can be both frustrating and emotionally draining. The maintenance required to maintain a second property in addition to your own may require you to hire contract help (e.g. landscape maintenance company).

At 519housebuyer we are committed to assisting you with the hard decisions you may need to make. We are experienced investors in the London, Ontario region and during this difficult time, you need to know that help is on the way. We offer zero commissions and we promise you a fair offer for your house. Our goal is to develop a relationship built on trust and integrity so please reach out and contact us.


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