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4 things to do if you're broke after Christmas

Updated: Jan 8

Christmas and New Years in London Ontario has come to a close. If you haven't already cleared out your London Ontario home of Christmas decorations, it is probably on the agenda! And, as per usual, our wallets never end up being as full as our stomachs.

1. Create a Savings Account. Most Bank institutions will be able to set up automatic withdrawals on a schedule that works best for you. It may even be a good time to set up a separate account that you can enable automatic transfers to specifically for Christmas next year.

2. Use gift cards that you got for things you need. This will enable you to use your reserved funds to pay down any credit cards, loans, or towards your bills.

3. Eat out less. It is always easy to fall into the trap of eating meals that are already prepared, drive-through or delivery. By eating in, you not only save your wallet, but chances are your stomach and well being will benefit also.

4. Another viable option, pending on your circumstances, would be to liquidate any belongings. This could be a car, your boat, or, you guessed - your house. Being a house buyer in London Ontario, 519housebuyer been able to help homeowners reclaim their financial freedom, especially after the holidays.


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